Door to Door Catering

We are taking our Christmas & New Year Break!  Wishing all our valued customers a very Merry Christmas & prosperous New Year.  

We look forward to delivering our Summer Menu from our door to yours from Wednesday 16 March 2022. 

We’ll keep you posted in the New Year to remind you of our start date.

Reminder:  If you’re not going to be home when we deliver, please leave a chilly bin at the door for us 

Door to Door ‘Simply Eat & Enjoy Meals’ 

Tairoa Lodge prides itself on producing delicious, consistent quality food. Tairoa Chef’s have worked together to create some of our favourite recipes, with produce sourced locally, cooked fresh to deliver chilled, straight from our door to yours, ready to ‘Simply Heat & Enjoy’ in the comfort of your own home.

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